Friday, May 8, 2020

Packet 5 BONUS

Ms. Hines May 11 - May 15, 2020   Packet 5


This packet will be counted as BONUS only!!  You may choose:
  1.  One worksheet from each subject (Phonics, Numbers & Handwriting) and receive extra points in all 3 areas
  2. Choose 1 worksheet only in the subject(s) you wish to receive bonus in 
  3. Or simply choose not to submit any work if you feel your student Is fine without any extra points. 
Students will also receive bonus points in Bible if they recite any Bible verse from the year, give a praise report or give a prayer request. (If the student already completed this assignment from the last packet they are not required to do it again & bonus has already been given) 

Keep in mind May 20th will be the date to retrieve all other items that students had in the classroom, their report cards and I have a little something from myself I need to give them. Also, if you have a library book you can return it when you come as well. (I feel sure a call from the school will be made giving details) 

I’m SO proud of all the hard work!! I love and miss each one of you!!

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